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By Moonspell

Reference AMR-XLI - 03 March 2023

Alma Mater 2023 Reissue

1) Classic Black LP with original artwork (white cover)
Gatefold Cover, 12pp booklet
Limited to 300 copies

2) White LP with original artwork (white cover)
Gatefold Cover, 12pp booklet
Limited to 300 copies - SOLD OUT

3) Picture Disc on a PVC Bag
Limited to 100 copies 

4) CD Digipack
Limited o 500

5) White Tape
Limited to 100 copies

6) Black Tape
Limited to 100 copies


A1. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
A2. Love Crimes
A3 ...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
A4. Lua d'Inverno
A5. Trebaruna
B1. Vampiria
B2.  An Erotic Alchemy
B3. Alma Mater
B4.  Ataegina

"In the ever Scandinavian-obsessed climate of the early to mid-90’s, album like Wolfheart were incredibly important as they made a bold and defiant statement that there were bands from other countries singing about their own culture and rich folkloric history pride and passion.
Wolfheart is a high water mark in modern Lusitanian musical culture!”
AA Nemtheanga (Primordial) 

Aditional Information

Artist Moonspell
Title Wolfheart
Formats CD Digipack, LP12 Vinil White, LP12 Vinil Black, Tapes, Tapes, LP12 Picture Disc
Reference AMR-XLI
Release date 03 March 2023
Barcode 5609330060929 (BLK) | 5609330061023 (WHT) | No barcode on Picture Disc
Barcode CD 5609330060620
Original Release 2023, 1st Press: 300 WHT 300 WHT 100 PD
Sleeve Gatefold with 12pp booklet
Sleeve CD Digipack 1CD with booklet
Vinyl Weight 160gram
Moonspell "Wolfheart" Black LP
Moonspell "Wolfheart" CD Digipack
Moonspell "Wolfheart" Cover
Moonspell "Wolfheart" LP Picture Disc
Moonspell "Wolfheart" LP White
Moonspell "Wolfheart" Tape Black
Moonspell "Wolfheart" Tape White

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