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The Troops of Doom

THE TROOPS OF DOOM is a new Brazilian Metal band led by the guitar player JAIRO “TORMENTOR” GUEDZ from the band THE MIST and former member of original SEPULTURA line-up, author and co-author of the classic albums “BESTIAL DEVASTATION” and “MORBID VISIONS”, having also participated of some compositions on “SCHIZOPHRENIA".

Featuring guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz – former member of SEPULTURA’s original lineup playing author and co-author to classic records such as Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions – alongside bassist/vocalist Alex Kafer (Enterro, Explicit Hate, ex-Necromancer), drummer Alexandre Oliveira (Southern Blacklist, Raising Conviction), and guitarist Marcelo Vasco (Patria, Mysteriis, and acclaimed graphic artist for the likes of Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head, Soulfly, and Hatebreed), the Brazilian death metal super-group THE TROOPS OF DOOM has signed a deal with Alma Mater Records, the Portuguese powerhouse label run by MOONSPELL’s Fernando Ribeiro!

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