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Slaves Beneath the Sun

By Process of Guilt

Reference AMR-XXXVII - 23 September 2022


Process Of Guilt "Slaves Beneath the Sun" (2022, Alma Mater)

CD 4 Panel Cross Digick + Black Tape + Gatefold LP

Crushing, deep and punishing Doom from Portugal! An ambitious and dense record for fans of Godflesh, Neurosis and (early) Swans. Mixed by Andrew Schneider, mastered by Collin Jordan. 

In 2022, after four successful albums («Renounce», 2006; «Erosion», 2009; «Fæmin», 2012, «Black Earth», 2017) and three collaborations with other artists ( 10’ split w/ Caïna, 2007; «The Circle», 2010; 12’ split w/ Rorcal, 2014) with the release of «Slaves Beneath The Sun», PROCESS OF GUILT reaffirm their musical vision as one with no parallel in the Portuguese and European underground.

CD | MC | LP Tracklist

01. Demons
02. Scars
03. slaves
04. Victims
05. Breath
06. Wait

Aditional Information

Artist Process of Guilt
Title Slaves Beneath the Sun
Formats CD Digipack, LP12 Vinil Black, Tapes, LP12 Vinil Ultra Clear
Reference AMR-XXXVII
Release date 23 September 2022
Barcode 5609330059921 (CD) | 5609330060026 (LP)
Detailed musical style Doom
Pressing qty 500 Digipack 4-Panel Cross | 100 Black (LP) | 200 Ultra Clear (LP)
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